We had the amazing opportunity to work with Urban Skin Care on their new brand MIAMARCIA.

We had small bites thanks to Parakeet Cafe, which included an assortment of pastries, avocado toast, and more!

We want to thank the gorgeous ladies of Urban Skin Care for opening up their spa to us and sharing with everyone a brand that they have worked so hard to create.

We also had amazing hair braids by Haut Hair By Britt, which allowed everyone to feel as Hawaiian as possible!

We had B12 shots thanks to Bio Bar, which was such an amazing touch, especially since there were drinks flowing!

We had spray tans from Urban Skin Care as well, and lastly, ear seeds by local acupuncturist Nina Torti who owns Indigo & Ease in La Jolla, to introduce us all to the powers and benefits of acupuncture.

We want to thank all of those who collaborated with us and the girls who made it out. We had such a fun evening with everyone!

Until next time,


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